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Veganism is experiencing explosive growth, but until now no investment products have existed

Vegan Search Trend
Google Trend for the search term "Vegan food near me" (2015-2022)
  • There are estimated to be 13.4 million vegans in the US (How Many Vegans Are in the World? Exploring the Global Population of Vegans) with 6% of Americans self-identifying as vegan, a six-fold increase over 2014.
  • It also showed that 44% of consumers in Germany now follow a low-meat diet, a 26% increase from 2014.
  • Rising veganism stems from the awareness of the impact of meat consumption as well as ethical and sustainable lifestyles being associated with wellbeing and wellness.
  • People between the ages of 18 and 34 are three times more likely to be vegan than those over 55 (VRG Poll 2015).
Beyond Investing - Green Leaves

Beyond Investing is closing this gap by creating a series of animal exploitation-free and environmentally friendly portfolios that are accessible to all.

ESG investment portfolios

Public markets animal-free and ESG investment portfolios (V+ESG).

Index products

Index products in major global markets that exclude all companies that exploit animals through their core products and services and which exacerbate climate change.

Actively managed ESG products

Actively managed ESG products that incorporate additional social and governance aspects and/or risk premia tilts.

Balanced portfolios

Balanced portfolios incorporating animal-free and ESG criteria across equity and bond portfolios for individual pension plans.

Impact venture capital portfolios

Impact venture capital portfolios that accelerate the transition to a compassionate world.

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