Our Approach

Cruelty-free market benchmark indexes

In each market Beyond Investing will select from the largest cap companies.

Identify all companies exploiting animals or using materials derived from animals for their products and services.

Remove stocks from those industries whose business models rely on animal expoitation.

As climate change and pollution affects all animals, fossil fuel energy companies are also excluded.

Proactively insert acceptable businesses to address sector imbalances in lower market cap bands.

Create portfolio and check for sufficient diversification.

Resultant portfolio scores higher than portfolios that only divest from fossil fuels on carbon, pollution and water utilisation.

Passive cap-weighted benchmark designed to act as a reference for future vegan and climate-friendly risk factor/ESG products.

Vegan Thematic Indexes

Primary universe of global small to mid cap companies between $250 million and $10 billion market cap.

Identify sectors and industries where the incorporation of products derived from animals is most prevalent.

Apply vegan screen to ensure that no company selected uses or exploits animals in the delivery of their products.

Identify products and services which are relevant to the demand for vegan alternatives.

Select those companies whose products or services directly reach the vegan consumer or are part of the supply chain.

Rank those companies according to their sales growth over 1, 3 and 5 years.

Filter our stocks with insufficient liquidity and weight according to sales growth rank, liquidity, risk and market capitalization.

Repeat each quarter, re-examining constituents and reviewing newly listed stocks.

  • Identifies listed small to mid cap stocks with upside exposure to plant-based theme.
  • Rebalances quarterly to take advantage of increasing revenues and new issues.
  • Strict concentration criteria and liquidity management.

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